Window Shutters Melbourne: Should You Them Install or Not

Window Shutters Melbourne

Observe your surroundings for a time. Please take a good, hard look at it. Are there shutters on your house? Window shutters Melbourne – or the lack thereof – have you given it any thought? If you’re like most individuals, you’ll probably say “no” to this question.

Window Shutters Melbourne

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Why Do We Use Window Shutters in Melbourne?

It is believed that the use of window shutters Melbourne to regulate light and ventilation both inside and outside homes and buildings for many centuries. Throughout the world, shutters are widely used for both functional and aesthetic reasons. Is it necessary to have shutters on all of your windows?

Absolutely not, and the choice goes to the homeowner. What exactly do we mean when we say that? In the first place, many shutters nowadays serve no purpose other than to offer a splash of color and fill in the empty area surrounding windows.

Is it wrong to have shutters installed even if they aren’t actually needed? 

No, that’s not the case at all. Window shutters in Melbourne that are purely decorative, as long as they appear functional and authentic, are perfectly acceptable in our book. Real working shutters are mounted directly on the window frame rather than being attached to the window frame. 

The installation must be done correctly to enjoy the top benefits of window shutters Melbourne. So, a professional installer may assist you with it. 

Is it necessary to install shutters on my home?

Yes, shutters are a good idea for any home. Do I have a choice? There is an excellent rule to follow if you want to add or keep shutters. If your windows are wider than tall, shutters won’t look good. It’s easy to see why this is important: if the shutters could close, they would entirely enclose the window. Ahh! You see where we are going here, don’t you? For the most part, this is something that no one ever thinks about or even considers.

All the bad shutters will be the only thing on your mind as you drive around town! 

Window Shutters Melbourne

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What Style of House Doesn’t Typically Have Shutters?

Several architectural types, such as bungalows and Arts & Crafts residences, don’t usually have shutters. Depending on the style of the home, shutters may or may not be present.

What Kinds of Shutters Are There?

Board and batten window shutters Melbourne

Shutters with no gaps between the boards are known as board and batten shutters, and they are a country-style option. A horizontal board separates the top and bottom.


In warmer areas, slatted shutters known as louvered shutters, which may be operated, are popular. The typical function of louvered shutters in hot areas is to manage ventilation.

Solid panel

In the past, panel window shutters Melbourne have been among the most popular.

Cutouts in solid panels

Slat shutters with decorative cutouts are known as “solid panels.” They’re most often seen on cottages and colonial-style houses.

Bermuda or Bahama Shutters

Bermuda or Bahama shutters are a typical application to shield windows from hurricane damage. They may also serve as a means of ventilation while in use.

French Country

The arched shutters of the French country style may be used to match the arched windows of the style.

Is it possible to mix and match shutter designs?

A house’s shutters may be in various designs, or they may be restricted to a single level. Two examples are paneling on the first level and louvers on the second story.

Should there be shutters on every window?

The answer is no. Window shutters Melbourne should not be used on windows with three or more glass panes. Shutters should be large enough to cover a window if closed, regardless of whether they are functional or purely decorative. Shutters may not be the best option if the windows are congested and there is little to no “resting” room between the shutters. It’s essential to think about the aesthetics of various window sizes nearby.

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