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The Ultimate Guide to Steel Security Doors Melbourne

Steel security doors Melbourne

A Steel Security Doors Melbourne is an essential component of any home security strategy. According to RACV data, a house in Victoria is burgled every 15 minutes, so it’s critical to have security measures in place to safeguard your home and family and avoid being part of the statistics. The house is where you begin and finish your day, and a decent security door can offer you piece of attention in knowing that your loved ones and possessions are safe.

While no security solution is perfect a decent security door will go a long way toward safeguarding your home. Criminals who target houses with poor levels of protection are deterred by the existence of a security door. It sends a signal to thieves that you are serious about home security, and they are far more likely to move on to a less risky alternative.

A security door will not only prevent burglars from accessing the property, but it will also act as a safety barrier for small children and pets, preventing them from leaving the house by mistake. It also keeps mosquitoes, moths, and other insects out, protecting you and your family from mosquito-borne illnesses as well as the nuisance of flying and crawling insects.

But what kind of door should you get?

With so many different brands, materials, colors, styles, and designs to choose from, it’s important to comprehend the many factors that go into creating a decent security door. This guide will assist you in determining which product is ideal for you, based on your unique circumstances and desired degree of protection.

Which kind of security door do I require?

The kind of security door that is best for you and your property is determined by the level of protection you need, the appearance you choose, and your budget. If you live in an area where break-ins are common, you may want to consider a high-end security door with a high-grade sliding security doors Melbourne and a 3-point locking mechanism for optimum safety. A basic aluminum diamond grille security door would do if your standards are not as severe but you still want a visual deterrent to prospective attackers and a door that offers enough protection.

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Steel security doors Melbourne

Steel Security Doors Melbourne or aluminum

Aluminum is the most popular frame material for home security doors nowadays. There are a few specialized steel-framed security door products on the market, but they are becoming more uncommon, due to the fact that Steel Security Doors Melbourne has the propensity to corrode, as well as the advances in next generation stainless steel mesh in aluminum frame doors. Crimsafe, Screen guard, Amplimesh, Envisaged, and Prowler Proof are just a few of the top security door manufacturers that use aluminum frames.

Steel-framed doors are more often marketed as steel gates or sliding security doors Melbourne/doors, and they are in a class by themselves. Security screen doors are more antiquated in appearance, as well as being heavier and bulkier. Because of the additional weight, more caution and control are required while shutting the door, otherwise there is a danger of harm, particularly to youngsters.

Because aluminum-framed security doors account for the majority of security doors on the market, we’ll focus on them for the remainder of this article. In and of itself, the category of aluminum-framed security doors is enormous. It all comes unhappy to the quality of the frame and the kind of screen infill with options ranging from medium to ultra-high security.

Buying guide for security screen doors

There are many dissimilar kinds of doors available, each with its own appearance, style, and degree of protection. They are construct of diverse materials and have unique design characteristics.


Unless the door is built to a recognize Australian Standard such as AS5041-2003 or above, the phrase “security door” is a generic word for a broad product type that does not offer any actual security protection.

Tests cover by the Australian Standards for Steel security doors Melbourne include:

  • Test of Dynamic Impact
  • Anti-jimmy Examination
  • Shear Test with a Knife
  • Test with a Pull
  • Probe Examination

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Steel security doors Melbourne

Resistance to Corrosion

These days, doors are manufacture from a variety of corrosive-resistant materials. Aluminum and stainless steel, for example. Ascertain that your goods are source from a trustworthy provider that uses Australian-made materials.


The frame is most likely the most crucial element of security. The frame’s strength, as well as the manner the infill is attach to the frame, characterize a high-quality product. A receiver channel on lower-cost security doors will have a narrow and weak connection to the main frame body.

Screen and Grille Fixing Systems

The technique use to secure screens to the frame is only as safe as the method use to secure them to the frame. The most popular methods of securing screens to frames are rivets and pressure retention devices.


Rivets are use to secure several grilles to the frame. The rivets must be place and clinch on the rear of the frame (facing the interior of the house) and away from any outside access. Rivets should be uniformly place, with one every 25 to 30cms on average.

Companies who promote pressure-retention devices while downplaying the efficacy of rivet-secure screens should be avoid. Screens and grilles that are install properly work very well in terms of overall house security. Rivet-secure screens are use on the majority of security doors presently in use. Rivets may be utilize on a variety of screen materials, including stainless steel meshes, perforate aluminum sheets, and aluminum grilles.

System of Pressure Retention

Rivets may be replace by pressure retention systems. These use compression wedges or screw clamps to attach the screen to the frame. And they offer the greatest level of security available today. Crimsafe, Screen guard, Amplimesh, Envisaged, Secure view, and Prowler Proof are some of the brands of doors that utilize pressure retention systems.

Steel security doors Melbourne

In general, Steel security doors Melbourne is made up of the following major styles:

Mesh made of stainless steel

The most common screen infill on the market is Steel Security Doors Melbourne. It has a modern, inconspicuous appearance that yet provides a high degree of security. For uncompromising corrosion resistance, most stainless steel meshes are manufacture from structural marine-grade stainless steel.

Perforate Aluminum Sheets

Punch aluminum is the name for this kind of material. These sheets have the appearance and functionality of stainless steel meshes. They were select as a design choice because they provide a somewhat different appearance. And feel than steel mesh while yet providing the same level of protection.

Grilles made of aluminum

So, Aluminum grilles provide a medium-to-high level of security screen doors. Therefore, the degree of security provide by aluminum grills is determine by the design and thickness of the grille. As well as how it is fasten to the frame. Aluminum grilles are often available in the well-known diamond pattern or as ornamental theme designs. In addition, security doors with grille infills are less durable than those with mesh infills, and the pricing reflects this.


There are three major brands of security screen doors locks available in Australia. Austral, Witco, and Lockwood are among them. As a result, locks are manufacture and develop in Australia and satisfy Australian security requirements.

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