Glass splashbacks

The Many Ways Coloured Glass Splashbacks Benefit You

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Coloured Glass Splashbacks are a must-have if you like to cook and show off your skills in the kitchen. However, it should serve a greater purpose than only preventing spills and splatters. Creative use of coloured glass splashbacks may turn your kitchen into a work of art. Glass, on the other hand, is unparalleled in terms of material versatility.

Are you interested in learning about the functional and aesthetic advantages of installing a coloured glass splashback in your kitchen? If you’re wondering about the visual appeal of a glass splashback for your kitchen, have a look at the points below.

1. Coloured glass splashbacks come in a variety of colour choices

Coloured glass splashbacks in a complimentary colour will make your kitchen seem even better if it is already colourful. Splashbacks made of glass may be whatever colour you like. Because of this, picking a colour or tint that goes well with the other colours in your kitchen is a cinch. For instance, if your kitchen is designed in greens and blues, a green-blue splashback might go well.

A coloured glass splashback, on the other hand, isn’t limited to just that.

2. Lighting enhances coloured glass splashbacks

You’re undoubtedly aware that colours have an impact on how you feel. However, the impact of colour and lighting on how you feel is amplified when used together. Glass is a good light reflector, so if you have a coloured splashback, consider adding task lighting to make your kitchen seem more lively. Consider your emotional state while picking out a colour for your glass splashback.

For example, artificial blue lighting increases your alertness and attentiveness. During your family dinner experimentation, wouldn’t that colour be lovely to soak in?

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

3. Glass splashbacks can cover mosaics or pictures

When a Coloured Glass Splashbacks isn’t your style, consider a clear glass splashback instead. Both a splashback and a protective glass cover are possible with this glass, depending on your needs. If you have a big family, it’s possible to use the wall behind your glass splashback to showcase cherished family pictures. You might also use your children’s artwork to adorn the wall.

Alternatively, you could use your glass splashback to cover a panoramic image of a natural landscape if you want to bring the outside in. The idea is that a glass splashback can be more than a mess stopper; it can be a work of art.

4. You can also choose mirrored glass splashbacks

Is there a shortage of light or space in your kitchen? You may increase the amount of light in your kitchen and give the impression that it is larger by installing a mirrored splashback on the wall. Mirrors reflect light brilliantly, so a strategically placed mirrored backsplash will make your kitchen seem larger and more open. If you position your splashback in front of a window, the natural light will bounce off of it.

Similarly, if your window overlooks a lovely landscape or garden, your mirrored splashback will reflect that sight. As a consequence, your kitchen will seem larger, and you’ll have a beautiful view to enjoy while you’re cooking.

5. Coloured glass splashbacks are highly customizable

Glass has the advantage of being very customizable. You don’t have to be content with a single pane of glass. Instead, you may collaborate with a professional glazier to design a useful and aesthetically pleasing glass splashback that extends even further into the room. If you’re using glass splashbacks, you’re free to express yourself in any way you want.

When you’re done cooking, your coloured backsplash should be more than simply a wipe-down surface. To build and install an attractive glass splashback for your kitchen, you’ll need the assistance of a professional glazing company. For more information about glass splashbacks, get in touch with us now.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Choosing the Right Coloured Glass Splashbacks

There are several kitchen splashback colours to choose from when selecting Coloured Glass Splashbacks. There are a plethora of options. It’s not an easy decision to make. Orange splashbacks are warm, black splashbacks are deep, and pink glass splashbacks are cheerfully brilliant. There’s a splashback out there for everyone.

White kitchens are popular because they provide a sense of cleanliness and openness to your house. So, how can you take something white and turn it into something bright and eye-catching? A glass splashback may open up a room and make it seem more welcoming.

Colour fads in home design come and go, but your options remain constant.

Splashbacks and FloorsEven 

if there are cabinets between the two spaces, your flooring must match your cloured glass splashback, regardless of how you arrange them. This does not imply that if you have a marble-effect splashback, you must also have marble flooring; rather, it means that you must achieve the proper contrast between the two materials. Bright colours or perhaps a mirrored glass splashback would work well in a small kitchen.

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Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Kitchen Benchtops

Benchtops come in a wide variety of styles and colours, but the essential thing is that they fit the rest of the room. Anyone entering your kitchen will be drawn to your benchtop. Therefore, it must match the colour of your Coloured Glass Splashbacks. Don’t forget to choose the proper colour, texture, and level of sturdiness for your project.


Matching your appliances to your colour scheme is the simplest and most cost-effective method to add some vibrancy to your home. Kettles and toasters are no longer limited to stainless steel, and white is a thing of the past for refrigerators.

There are many creative ways to utilize appliances to contrast your coloured splashbacks and create a focal point in your kitchen.

As you can see, choosing the correct colour for your kitchen means more than just putting things in there. It’s now possible to go above and beyond your expectations since there are so many options and patterns, photos, and textured prints to choose from now.

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