Glass splashbacks

3 Common Misconceptions About Coloured Glass Splashback

Coloured glass splashbacks

Over the last decade, coloured glass splashbacks have become famous for their flexibility, timeless aesthetic appeal and above all, ease of maintenance.

There are many homeowners, though, who also refuse to invest in coloured glass splashbacks who consider glass too delicate. To cope with everyday pouring, cooking, and dealing with acidic foods and sharp tools used in the kitchen.

We also set out a few common misconceptions about coloured glass splashbacks that often prohibit a practical and beautiful kitchen concept from being built by homeowners.

MYTH 1: Splashbacks of coloured glass lose their appeal over time.

While there is no overlooking the fact that trends in interior design come and go and no look is guaranteed to last forever. With a Coloured Glass Splashback, you still have the opportunity to pull off a timeless theme.

Furthermore, if your style is classy, you should go for neutral or earthy tones such as beige, white, grey and brown combinations that never go out of style and act as a classic backdrop for any colour scheme and kitchen style, whether contemporary or traditional.

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Coloured glass splashbacks

MYTH 2: With your glass splashback, you should only go for intense colours

When it comes to coloured glass splashbacks, though most people automatically think of a solid finish. You may be shocked to know that solid colours are not the only choice.

You can select from a range of colour palettes and styles, such as abstract shapes, swirls and waves, metallic or mirror finishes. And even have intriguing custom designs printed on your kitchen Coloured Glass Splashback to reflect your unique style.

MYTH 3: The shade you pick behind the glass for the splashback will look different.

Since sand, which contains excessive quantities of iron oxide, is use to create glass, iron gives the glass colour while making it look greenish, particularly around the edges. The higher the sand content use, the less green tinge is impartd, but some, if ever so marginally, will still be there.

A good thing to note is that the light source and the amount of illumination in your room. This will directly impact how the colours you pick will appear at various times of the day on your Coloured Glass Splashback.

Glass is vulnerable to scratching. While ordinary glass is likely to scratch due to the frequent use of sharp kitchen tools. The industry has tough glass finishes that are specially design to survive regular scrapes and last longer.

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