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Frameless Shower Doors – The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Frameless Shower Doors

frameless shower glass doors

The elegance that a Frameless Shower Doors add to a bathroom has definitely made these a very popular option among homeowners. But it’s understandable why there’s a growing concern over their safety, particularly with small children in the home.

While most Frameless Shower Doors are not meant for use by little children, they’re no exception. Both framed and unframed shower doors are susceptible to cracking and even breaking, particularly in the center of the night or when not in use. In fact, they can crack even more easily if your door is made of glass.

Frameless Shower Doors

Although you might think that your Frameless Shower Doors would last a lifetime:

chances are that it won’t. Although these doors are made from strong, tempered glass that is resistant to scratching, there are some things that you can do to extend their lifespan.

First of all, don’t leave the glass in your bathroom at room temperature; it will begin to warp and crack. The best way to keep the glass clean and fresh is to remove any dirt or fingerprints with a damp cloth before wiping away the water.

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frameless shower glass doors

It’s important that you never allow the shower curtains to sit in water:

whether skilled or not. If you do so, they’ll absorb the excess moisture and cause the glass to crack and break.

Frameless shower doors are an attractive option for your bathroom. But just like any other part of your home, they’re just as susceptible to damage and abuse, so make sure you maintain them properly.

To prevent the doors from leaking, apply a good sealant after every use. And if you don’t use the doors much, always put a few drops on the bottom of the bathtub before putting your shower into the water. Also, wipe out the interior of the doors with a damp cloth after each use.

If the Frameless Shower Doors is too thick or you don’t feel comfortable using it without lacing it, try to lace the top portion. {of the door instead. The lacing prevents the door from closing all of the way when you open the door.

The biggest problem with frameless shower doors is that they tend to show any scratches and dents on the glass. {s from your fingernails. This makes it hard to wipe off. {s, but there are a few ways to remedy this problem. First, get some paper towels and blot the scratches off with a dry cloth; and then apply some rubbing alcohol to remove any residue.

You can also try cleaning the inside of the shower curtains by removing any soap or deodorant from it. {sitting on it overnight or on the surface of the door. After cleaning, you can polish the curtains to restore their shine and color.

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