E waste recycling

How Can You Reduce the Amount of Electronic Waste?

E waste recycling

Computer recycling, paper recycling or e waste recycling is the reassembly, removal and disposal of use parts and raw materials from electronic waste. While the traditional methods of disposal, donation and reuse are not strictly organic, these are generally consider green sustainable methods to dispose of computer waste.

In countries like the US, the disposal of electronic waste by landfills is ban because of the toxic contaminants that can be left behind. So while e waste recycling electronic parts, it’s important to keep this in mind.

The materials involve in this process can be broken down into two groups.

The first consists of non-degradable electronic parts. These items include memory chips and hard drives. The second category consists of recycle non-degradable computer parts. These items are made from materials which will be reuse; for example, plastic, paper, glass and metal.

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E waste recycling

It is important that non-recyclable components:

Are separate from the non-degradable components. This is usually done with the help of mechanical equipment. A collection unit is use in a bin fill with these components; the collection bin is then place into another bin. This bin is empty when it is full; this is to ensure that the components are completely separate from each other.

The remaining materials:

Are then transfer into an environment-friendly, recyclable container. This container can either be a steel drum or can also be built into a plastic container. There is no need for an expensive facility to separate the materials for remanufacturing.


In order to reduce the amount of e waste recycling generate by recycling.

There are many things to do at home. For example, you can use paper products when placing your electronic devices on them. It is very expensive to produce paper, especially in the developing world where paper production is at its lowest. By using recycle paper, you can save on paper costs and money.

e waste recycling

You can also take some old computers to a local office refurbishing store.

There are companies in many countries that take old computers for resale, thus reducing their usage. They can then be e waste recycling and reuse.

Another way to reduce the amount of electronic waste:

is to place your electronic devices in your garage or in an unlock area. When not in use, these devices can be kept in a cupboard and not in your kitchen cabinet. Most people will not open their cabinets because they are worry about losing their precious gadgets and accessories. But it is good to store e waste recycling in places where it can be easily access by children.

Lastly, you should also consider taking these e waste recycling centres.

Many recycling centers accept electronic waste from all over the world. So make it a habit to recycle your electronic waste!

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