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Glass Splashback Choices for Black and White Kitchens

Glass Splashback

Despite their reputation as safe choices in interior design, black and white kitchens may nevertheless be chic and bold. This exquisite colour scheme may be updated by using modern cabinets, a glass splashback, surprising pairings, and modern materials.

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Glass Splashback

Why stick to only black and white?

The timeless contrast of black and white never fails to please the eye. The sharp contrast between these contrasting hues produces clean lines and a reassuringly clear visual appearance. From Roman-era checkered floors to bold Art Deco patterns to stylish Parisian apartments with white walls and black wrought iron balconies, a monochrome colour scheme has long been a sign of self-assured good taste and sophisticated style. It’s also a design that goes with any type or age of the property and provides a neutral background for brightly coloured accessories and distinctive decorative items.

Consider incorporating a glass splashback into your kitchen design if you’ve selected a black-and-white colour scheme as the basis for your project. The clean-cut forms and sleek lines that are provided by a monochromatic interior will be accentuated by the unbroken surface of a glass panel since there will be no grout to come in the way of this uninterrupted surface. The following is a list of some of the available choices to take into consideration.

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Glass Splashback


A glass splashback in its purest white colour has a clean and clear appearance, but if you’d rather have something with a little warmer tone, designers offer a wide variety of off-whites for you to pick from. For a more subdued variation on the monochromatic concept, Pebble can be paired with charcoal elements in modern kitchens with the help of a reputable glass splashback supplier. This minimalist kitchen is also an excellent illustration of how a colour palette with high contrast may draw attention to the clean lines and sharp corners of a design that is otherwise smooth and uncluttered.

Black sparkle

When it comes to black glass splashbacks, some people are concerned that they can be too overpowering. To introduce some merriment into the proceedings, we recommend applying our glitter finish to the panel. The completed result may be given a nuanced sense of whimsy by selecting our Rainbow Glitter option, which incorporates glitter of a variety of colours into the paint. 


A mostly white kitchen may get an immediate dose of drama from a glass splashback that is jet black without the space being too dim overall. Additionally, black panels, which go so well with black hobs and extractor fans, appliances, and fixtures, help maintain a clean and minimalistic colour scheme overall.

Glass Splashback


Even though pairing white cabinets with a black countertop or glass splashback is a common design decision, reversing the trend results in an appearance that is just as fashionable. Many homeowners now opt to match a glossy white glass splashback with matt black units, which is a fantastic way to bring in some visual diversity. The matt black units provide a nice contrast to the glossy white glass panel.

Almost black

If you enjoy the monochromatic mood but find that wearing pure black is too harsh for you, you may lighten up the appearance by choosing a somewhat softer colour such as charcoal, navy, or chocolate. Conker, a deep, luxuriously velvety brown from modern glass collections, is an option to consider now. 

Monochrome prints

If the contrast between the black and white blocks in your kitchen seems a bit too severe, a printed glass splashback could be the perfect accessory to bring some warmth into the space. They are a good way to keep to your colour scheme while providing the eye with a focal point on which it may rest. And they can range from our gentle striped print to gorgeous patterns or artful black-and-white images. In addition to this, they break up the graphic lines that are often seen in black and white kitchens by introducing a broader range of forms and shapes.

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