Four Things About Airport Parking You Have to Experience It Yourself

Travel can be as exhausting as it’s thrilling. One of the main problems that come with air travel is how you’re going to get to the airport. If you’ve made your way to the airport without a car, nothing beats driving there! Here are some of the most neglected considerations when searching for airport parking services:


Airport parking facilities provide free shuttle bus service from the airport and the off-airport car park. Though this is always the cheapest solution to Sydney Airport parking, most shuttle services run on schedule, with others on a 30-minute program, so there can be surprisingly long waiting times.

We totally appreciate this problem because you’ve just returned from a long flight and you wish to go home! The response to that is our on-demand shuttle service. Only call us when you arrive at the airport, and we’ll send one of our shuttles to pick you up directly! With every booking, our on-demand shuttle bus service is free.

Airport parking


If you get a bus, a train, a taxi or a ride from a family, you’re dependent on someone else. It’s no hush-hush that public transport can be a bit unreliable if you need it most. And though it’s usually only a slight inconvenience, if your bus or train doesn’t show up, you’re at risk of skipping check-in. Airlines are very slow to refund missing flights, and you are always faced with the option of paying for another seat or sitting at home.


You’re going to waste a fair few hours squashed on a plane with hundreds of passengers. You don’t need to make your trip to the airport the same thing! That’s why taking a bus, or a train can feel like a chore when it comes to air travel rather than any other moment.

Connect to that the number of bags and suitcases that you and your fellow travellers can carry, and all of a sudden it doesn’t sound so enticing. And that’s before we even got to the return leg, where you’re going to have to do more standing at the bus stand, the train station or the taxi rank. When it comes to comfort, commuting to the airport can’t be beaten!


It’s still worth pre-booking a parking spot in advance if you’re driving during busy hours and the parking space is sold out. This is especially the case during school breaks and long weekends.

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