Gourmet Magazine's Asian Cucumber Ribbon Salad This is a simple, light, and refreshing recipe from Gourmet Magazine.Cooks’ Note: Do not let dressed cucumber salad stand more than 20 minutes before…
Ingredients: cucumber, rice vinegar, vegetable oil, soy sauce, sugar
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Connection – feat. Nina Sky

Reachin' out and touchin'... By: Sean Paul Original
Reachin’ out and touchin’ the gal dem makin’ dem life happy
Them draw fi a dutty cup youth fi slap it
You done know say right now
The boriquas call me papi, Nina Sky

Boy when you touch my body
You know you make me feel hot
We’re going home after this party
So you can show me what you got

We start slow, got all the time you need
Nowhere to go, baby it’s you and me
Let’s go, make we, say yo, oh oh

Rubbin’ it together touchin’ it up a me pleasure
Gal a me a the connector to give you the right pressure
Me a the professor gal a gonna get you wetter
Make you start sweater, feel better in any kinda weather

We a the leader, gal a follow back a we them say we a the breeder
Say dem wanna get all of the juice from da seed ya
Say dem read about we everyday inna the media
And them say good lovin’ wey dem need ya again

Boy when you touch my body
You know you make me feel hot
We’re going home after this party
So you can show me what you got

We start slow, got all the time you need

******* This Lyrics is NOT for Commercial use *******

Artist: Sean Paul
Track Name: Connection – feat. Nina Sky

There are many needs to be put in place when you start up a business and client is one of the most important items on the list. You need to have contact of potential clients. When I set up my company, I subscribed to the Field of Dreams, construct it and they will come true.


When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it. -W. Clement Stone


Have you made the choice to create your ideal business and now waiting for clients to come to you? Feel that you have tried everything to bring in clients, doing everything you are supposed to be doing, and still there is no response? Putting in more hours per day now that you have your own business than you did when you were working at a J-O-B.


So much needs to be put in place as a new business and getting clients is one of the items highest on the list. Having potential clients contact you validates this was the right choice to make. When I first started my practice I subscribed to the Field of Dreams, build it and they will come.


What the field of dreams did not tell me was building a business was only half the secret. Of course you have to have a service, but you also need to take specific actions to help your ideal clients recognize you have the solutions to their problems.


Now I can talk about determining your ideal client, the need to market consistently and creating a pull marketing system to round out your marketing strategy. Each of those pieces is integral for your business to get started.


But I have found that I can talk strategy with my clients all day long and if there is any doubt about ability to make this work, then the best laid efforts will not help you to achieve the true success you desire.


With that being said, it is mindset which is the key to having a successful business or not. You need to truly believe in what you are doing, utilize your unique talents and maintain positive intentions.


It will be challenging at times, especially when you are getting started. A positive mindset, even when it is challenging and uncomfortable, is crucial. In my opinion, having a positive mindset is more important than marketing.


Imagine yourself marketing and networking, but you have some worries in the back of your mind. Maybe you are not taking yourself seriously, you are too worried about where your next client will come from and focused on how long it is taking to get your next client. All of these things will affect your marketing efforts. Subconsciously you are very aware of what is not going well. This creates a subtle energy which can be picked up on by others. Any doubt you might have will come through and impact all of your marketing efforts.


Clear all doubts, worries or sabotaging behaviors if you want your business to take off. This is easier for some than for others, but is possible. So often, however, you might not even be aware of what is holding you back and the real reason for your fears. In order to release all of the doubts and truly create a positive mindset focused on success, you might need help and the insight of someone else to get to the root cause.


Are you sure you are in the right business? Let’s face it none of us know it all. We all need support and input to help us make it work. If you are doing it all yourself, then progress will be very difficult because you are likely spending a lot of the day doing work that is not your best work.


Many times you have listened to someone who was well intentioned. Then you end up creating a business based on someone else’s advice. You begin to question your ideas. Now you are compromising your dreams. That person’s ideas were out of integrity with your vision. The end result is a business not well suited for you.


Input is necessary; however, trust your intuition. You are going to get loads of advice from well-intentioned people. Take the advice which you agree with and leave the rest behind. Your instincts will always lead you in the right direction. Trust your gut or find someone you trust to assist you. The bottom line, however, is creating something that is uniquely yours.


You have been given special gifts and talents. If you know what they are, you are ahead of the game.


Discover your unique talent, acknowledge what you do best and then find a way to honor your gift. Your talent will come naturally to you. Because it is so easy for you, there is a tendency to undervalue it and even give it away. Use your gifts to help others. Recognize the value you bring to other people’s lives when you help them in this way. This is the heart of creating a purpose-based practice.


The most important piece about mindset is making sure your intentions are positive. By listening to people’s goals and intentions, I can tell immediately whether it is positive or not. So often people set an intention, trying to manifest a dream, but not getting the results they want.


Take the time to really pay attention to your desires. Are they truly positive and focused on moving forward? Possibly your goals are valid, but the words you are using are negative. Instead of trying to move toward a goal instead you are focusing on getting away from something negative. If that is the case, then progress will be very difficult.


If you don’t do anything else, just be aware of your focus. If you are looking at all the problems, you will only see what is not going well. On the other hand if you are focusing on solutions, opportunities will begin to appear. In fact those opportunities are already there, but they are difficult to see when your focus is problem oriented.


Be conscious of your thoughts, they affect your perceptions. In turn your perceptions affect your actions. Your actions affect your success. Choose your focus and feel empowered. Having a sense of inner power will be very client attractive and you will begin having others respond positively to your energy of conscious intention.


Activity: This might appear like nit-picking, but write down your words, say them out loud and listen. See if there are any negative words i.e. don’t, won’t, not. If so, then you are actually setting a negative intention.


See if you can reframe your goal only using positive words. The semantics and words you choose are extremely important. There is a different energy, or vibration, when you are trying to get away from a problem instead of trying to move toward a solution.




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Tête froide

Petite province ... By: Médine Original
Petite province au nord de la Mecque
Au destin tracé de rapports intrinsèques
Intransigeant dans la méthode de gérer l’indépendance
Exigeant jusqu’au détail c’est là la bonne cadence!
J’ai mit mes billes dans l’industrie sans grande prétention,
Comme le Chinois finance la balle de sa propre exécution!
Un don du ciel, nos carcasses sous Terre
Depuis que les Ghettos sont sortis de sous terre!
Lis sur mes lèvres si t’es sourds!
Abandonne si t’es saoul!
Je suis venu répondre au commis par le dessous,
De ma ceinture de Champion qui me serre l’estomac,
En attendant que le succès commercial vienne d’en bas!
On a des gabarris 4×4 mais on roule en Twingo,
On a traversé les Carpates* sur le dos d’un Chameau!
Comment soutenir le Regard de ses proches,
Quand ton salaire Brut c’est leur argent de poche?
Sois Intelligent ou bien Meurs en essayant!

******* This Lyrics is NOT for Commercial use *******

Artist: Médine
Track Name: Tête froide

Real Estate Power Investor Charrissa Cawley has gone for beyond the norm with her new program and it looks to have ruffled some feathers in the market…”


looks the guru’s are showing some distaste because of the low cost position of this course compared to all the 4K-12K courses… “Huh? You set your things down to a couple of hundred bucks?! Why?” and “Wow guys this bundle is massive-I can’t believe it does’t expense ten times a lot more than what you are charging!”

“It’s good to be ready to present Real Estate Power Investor to the masses however it won’t break their financial institution account and is effortless to integrate into your existence from component time to complete time. I’m proud of Real Estate Power Investor and it feels great that the course is currently being obtained nicely. These days marks a special working day as we take on a fully digital and virtual partnership with our pupils, and turn them into real estate authorities even though educating them particularly what we do, and particularly how we do it, not leaving even 1 stone uncovered. This is nothing at all brief of currently being held by the hand even though you are on your way to achievement, and to be sure we even threw in a no cost 60 working day no threat refturn coverage for individuals that for what ever motive, simply do not discover large value in what we offer”âeuro¦

Yet again, it’s scarce that an expert would go all out like this for such a low cost position, but at the exact same time it’s sensible and there is a massive demand for it in today’s recession primarily based industry. Charrissa Cawley appreciates that her curriculum is unbelievably priceless, and she proves it with personal achievement, not a screen name or actor behind a dot com web addressâeuro¦ “Why wouldn’t I educate people how to do this, it’s a great time to make important decisions about your long term, and functioning for other people will constantly depart you at threat of ‘losing it all’ overnight. I don’t want that for my pupils. They deserve a lot more!” She appreciates that she can cost way a lot more and get asking cost for her curriculum/coaching all working day extended, but her principal passion is to bridge the gap between studying and undertaking and she sincerely would like to support as quite a few people as she quite possibly can, attain accurate Monetary Independence.

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Investing – Money, Money, Money in Money

If you are looking to invest your money, a good beginning point would be to simply become educated. What is investing and how can it work for you? This is not a way to get money fast and never have to work another day in your life, to invest money you have to start with money. Learning to invest can take many months and even years to get how exactly to do it, but once you understand, you can begin to make your hard earned money double, triple or even quadruple with a smart investment.

Investing is when you take a small amount of money, and you entrust it to an enterprise in hopes that it will come back to you in a profit. You can invest in real estate, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It is important to understand that making an investment is not like gambling. You are not randomly making a choice as to who you want to invest your hard earned money in with the hopes that you will win. You should constantly be looking at and researching what companies are gaining return. Of course, you are still taking a chance that you will have earnings from your investment, but you are also making an educated decision by use of proven facts and figures.

Many people take up investing so that they can in some way provide financial security for themselves and for their families. Financial freedom upon retirement is the American dream and what better way to achieve that then giving a small amount of money in an investment and letting it work for you. After you have money to invest, then you need to decide on the kind of investment you want to make.

A bond (when you lend money to a company and they make investments and give you the interest and when you withdraw they return your original money), a stock (when you become a shareholder and are a part owner of the business you invest in), or a mutual fund (when you join together with others and invest in stocks and bonds). Those are three of the main types of investments you can choose from.

No matter what choice you make, you need money. Sometimes money can be short so getting a cash advance is a wonderful option. Make sure you completely evaluate all of your options before making a decision on how to spend your money.


  • VIBRANT NEON COLORS – ChalkTastic Bright Chalk Marker Pens use a high-quality, super-concentrated liquid chalk that provides bright, vibrant colors each and every time. Great for Restaurant Menu Boards, Bistro Boards, White board, LED Writing Board, Window markers, Car Windows, Kids art, School work, Marking dates on food Containers and much more.
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  • SUPER EASY CLEAN UP – The bright, beautiful liquid chalk Ink in each ChalkTastic Chalk marker is completely dust-free which makes cleanup a breeze for these erasable pens! Simply use a dry or damp cloth to wipe the chalk away without any smearing, streaking, smudging or messes! NOTE: SILVER & GOLD are a little harder to remove but with extra water or some windex they will come of just fine. Our liquid chalk is non-toxic and odor-free
  • REVERSIBLE TIP GREAT FOR TEACHING – Make great Teaching Supplies as Teachers at Preschool, Kindergarten, High School and Colleges all love ChalkTastic Chalk Markers as they can be used just like ordinary Wet Erase or Dry Erase Markers but the colors are So much more Opaque, the reversible 6mm tip gives you the option of fine tip markers for detail work or broad chisel tip markers for when big bold lines are needed. The bright neon colors make for great visible explanations and student attention
  • ORDER TODAY RISK FREE – You can claim your own 8-pack of ChalkTastic Liquid Chalk Markers today at absolutely no risk thanks to our airtight 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. In the highly unlikely event that you’re not completely thrilled with these liquid markers, simply let us know within 90 days for a prompt and courteous refund of your purchase!



✔ Use on: Kids School projects homework, Glass, Windows, Plastics, Base Balls, Kitchen units even use them on yourself!! Great for Halloween, 4th July, Thanks Giving, Birthday, Christmas decorations or any other celebration etc!! When your finished just wash away with a damp cloth or baby wipe etc!

Use on: Whiteboards, NON – POROUS Chalkboards, Menu Boards, Bistro Boards, Vinyls, Ceramics, Car Windows, any non porous surface etc! ALWAYS test on a small area first to check that the surface is NON-POROUS and it wipes away OK

Leave messages for friends and family almost anywhere – Car windscreens, front doors, kitchen cabinets, the list is endless!!

Endless possibilities and tons of fun – Your ChalkTasticTM Liquid Chalk Markers let your creativity come alive!

Choose a liquid marker in your favorite color.Shake well, And let your creativity soar!

You’ll love these liquid chalk markers as a gift for the creative youngsters in your family; as a fun and reliable education tool (is anything worse than losing the attention of your classroom because all of your liquid pens have dried out?); as an easy way to attract customers to your restaurant, bistro, store or business; and so much more!


We are so sure that you will be completely satisfied, that if for any reason what so ever you are not just let us know within 90 days for a full refund of your purchase! 

ptiza liquida marcadores marcadores de ventana rotuladores de restaurante marcador

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Greens ‘n’ Grapefruit Salad

Greens 'n' Grapefruit Salad “We live in Florida during the winter and can pick fresh grapefruit right on our property. This salad is a refreshing side dish with any meal or a nice…
Ingredients: salad dressing, cider vinegar, grapefruit, mayonnaise, red onions, salad greens, sesame seed, sugar, water chestnuts
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In development circles, there is now widespread consensus that social entrepreneurs represent a far better mechanism to respond to needs than we have ever had before–a decentralized and emergent force that remains our best hope for solutions that can keep pace with our problems and create a more peaceful world.

David Bornstein’s previous book on social entrepreneurship, How to Change the World, was hailed by Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times as “a bible in the field” and published in more than twenty countries. Now, Bornstein shifts the focus from the profiles of successful social innovators in that book–and teams with Susan Davis, a founding board member of the Grameen Foundation–to offer the first general overview of social entrepreneurship. In a Q & A format allowing readers to go directly to the information they need, the authors map out social entrepreneurship in its broadest terms as well as in its particulars.

Bornstein and Davis explain what social entrepreneurs are, how their organizations function, and what challenges they face. The book will give readers an understanding of what differentiates social entrepreneurship from standard business ventures and how it differs from traditional grant-based non-profit work. Unlike the typical top-down, model-based approach to solving problems employed by the World Bank and other large institutions, social entrepreneurs work through a process of iterative learning — learning by doing–working with communities to find unique, local solutions to unique, local problems. Most importantly, the book shows readers exactly how they can get involved.

Anyone inspired by Barack Obama’s call to service and who wants to learn more about the essential features and enormous promise of this new method of social change, Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know® is the ideal first place to look.

What Everyone Needs to Know® is a registered trademark of Oxford University Press.

What Everyone Needs to Know


Who it’s for:

Busy people with diverse interests, ranging from college students to professionals, who wish to inform themselves in a succinct yet authoritative manner about a particular topic.

What’s inside:

An incisive approach to a complex and timely issue, laid out in a straight-forward, question-and-answer format.

Meet Our Authors

Top experts in their given fields, ranging from an Economist correspondent to a director at the Council on Foreign Relations, you can trust our authors’ expertise and guidance.

Popular Topics in the “What Everyone Needs to Know” Series

  • International Politics
  • Environmental Policies
  • World History
  • Sciences & Math
  • Religion & Spirituality

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Chicago Style Hot Dogs and Fries

Chicago Style Hot Dogs and Fries The famous Chicago Style Hot Dog was born when street cart hot dog vendors came onto the hard times of the Great Depression. Money was scarce, but business…
Ingredients: hot dogs, celery seed, tomato, hot dog bun, hot pepper, potato, onions, pickle, sweet pickle relish, mustard
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