I have always been creati... By: Ayreon Original
I have always been creative, I don’t understand
Aspired to be an artist, not a business man
You need to show your old man you’re in control
To be successful, you’d sell you own soul!

I’ve always been respectable, I don’t understand
I tried to be compassionate, I’m not a ruthless man!
You need to show them you’re superior, you lead the field

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Artist: Ayreon
Track Name: Day Fourteen: Pride – Live in Rotterdam in September 2015

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School of the Eucharist

at this school when i sit... By: Fr. Stan Fortuna Original
at this school when i sit
even just a little bit
i get hit with the power
that made the veil in the temple split
when i submit
fall on the floor and adore
can’t get enough
got to come back for sa-more
every prostitute and sinner
every fool and hypocrite
can benefit in this school
repent and commit
as the incense rises up
in adoration of the throne
somethin happens
to my wounded heart
from all the love revealed and shown
bright light Shekina
comes to my aid to assist
to change and sustain
the way i think and exist
to feel the bliss because my name
is in the book of life’s list
that’s what happens when you sit
in the school of the Eucharist
be fertile and multiply
progenerate procreate
yet we frustrate the divine plan
it will only illustrate the disaster
of bein consumed
by consumer culture
recover sanctity
when spouses copulate
this is somethin that the culture can facilitate
instead they want to make big money so they desecrate
they press audiovisual triple x
vulgarity and violence
they dominate
that’s what they celebrate
thug wannabe’s or actuals
that’s what they emulate
and they mutilate each other
bad feelins like nas missin his mother
dre’s brother biggie and 2 pac
bonds stocks and glocks
need new buildin blocks
penitentiary and terror cells
the whole wide world
is under those locks
incarcerate and conversate
with a cultural inmate
the new prison no vision
don’t got the inner strength to tolerate
the pains we feelin
unless you eat the flesh and drink the blood you got no life within you
that means you dead
don’t matter the size of your venue
or how many records you sell
gehenna forces burnin
in this cultural hell
bond with your homies
with a mad rodman-iverson-type of tattoo
this battle still commin straight at you
don’t matter the size of your iq
ain’t no human mind that can
mastermind the breakthrough
give-me give-me takin greedy takin
not receivin deadly fruit of not believin
it’s a hard teachin John 6: 66
some were badly shaken
it’s time to stop fakin before we be rudely awakened
at this school when i sit
even just a little bit
i get hit with the power
that made the veil in the temple split
when i submit
fall on the floor and adore
can’t get enough
got to come back for sa-more
every prostitute and sinner
every fool and hypocrite
can benefit in this school
repent and commit
as the incense rises up
in adoration of the throne
somethin happens
to my wounded heart
from all the love revealed and shown
bright light Shekina

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Artist: Fr. Stan Fortuna
Track Name: School of the Eucharist

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These courses offer comprehensive and professional training that is suitable for beginners and advanced traders. These courses offer advanced as well as continuing education programs and often include interaction with some of the best traders in the country. These traders assist in learning all the complications involved in the commodity market and help learners develop the skill of risk management through discipline and capital preservation. Mentors are available to guide in all aspects of commodity training. Commodity Futures Trading Courses


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What is a Stock in Stock

A share of stock represents a fractional ownership stake in a business corporation. Corporations issue stock in order to raise money for their business operations. Individuals and organizations that buy this stock become part owners of the business. The more stock one purchases the greater the fraction of the business one owns.

With the purchase of stock an investor assumes the rights and responsibilities of a part owner in the business no matter how small his stake in the business. One of those rights is the right to elect the board of directors. The board of directors oversees the operations of the company. They are also responsible for selecting the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who runs the day to day operations of the company and reports to the board. Investors also have a right to receive dividends if dividends are declared. The amount of dividends an investor receives is based on the amount of stock they own. Companies declare dividends as a way of sharing profits, but they are not obligated to do so.

Why would one invest in the stock of a company? The primary reason that investors invest in stock is they hope to sell their stocks for a higher price than they bought it for. Hence the popular saying, buy low, sell high. Some investors also invest in stocks in order to earn a steady income from regular dividend payments.

Stocks can be classified according to certain investment characteristics that they posses.

Stocks of high quality corporations that maintain a leadership position in their industry are usually classified as BLUE CHIP stocks examples include Microsoft, IBM , Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart. These stocks are generally considered safe investments and are favored by cautious investors.

Stocks that pay a high portion of their profits as dividends to investors are termed INCOME stocks. They are sought out by investors who want to earn a steady income stream from their investments. Stocks of Public utilities are good examples of income stocks.

Stocks that move as the economy moves are referred to as CYCLICAL stocks. When the economy experiences a downturn they do poorly and when the economy is booming they do great. Examples of such stocks are auto industry stocks, steel stocks and industrial chemical stocks.

Stocks that are immune from the general economic condition are known as DEFENSIVE stocks. These stocks are not seriously influenced by what is going on in the general economy. Good examples of these are grocery, alcohol and utilities stock. The demand for their products and services remains constant in good or bad times.

Stocks that are expected to report higher than average earnings and sales revenues and reinvest most of their profits are often classified as GROWTH stocks. Growth stocks are often highly sought after because their stock price tends to rise quickly. Growth stocks can be found in any sector, but they are usually found in the technology and pharmaceutical sectors. Eventually, a growth stock will stop growing at an above average rate. Examples of past growth stocks include Microsoft, Cisco systems, Genentech, Starbucks and McDonalds.

Investors looking to buy or sell stocks simply contact their broker, and then place an order for a specific amount of stock. The broker then states the bid price- the highest price buyers are willing to pay for a stock- and the ask price-the highest price sellers are willing to sell a stock for. The investor then decides whether to place a market, stop or limit order. A market order instructs the broker to buy or sell at any available price and its executed immediately. A limit order, on the other hand, is an order to buy a stock at no more, or sell a stock at no less, than a specific price, within a specific time limit.

A stop order much like a limit order, is only executed when a price is reached, the difference being that a stop order becomes a market order when that price is hit and the order is executed at whatever available price. So if an investor with a stock worth places a stop order to sell at a price of , once the price of the stock drops to ,the order becomes a market order and then the trade is executed at the best available price. Once the trade is executed the broker then provides confirmation to the investor. Most trades are usually executed in less than a minute.

Stocks continue to outperform all other forms of investment and will continue to remain an integral part of the U.S financial system.

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Close to the Wire

A hopeful adventure
Got m... By: The Kinks Original
A hopeful adventure
Got missionary ways
Could start in the jungle
Feel this way
Search for an answer
Over land and over sea
All the mountains
Of promised opportunities

I cried out but you were lost
In a corporate position
So money’s the solution
Curing all that ails the nation
But what about the hearts of man
The spiritual needs
I’m staring at the starlight
And I just can’t quite believe
That i’m

******* This Lyrics is NOT for Commercial use *******

Artist: The Kinks
Track Name: Close to the Wire

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Jones Bootmaker in Footwear

Jones Bootmaker started in 1857 as a family business of Alfred Jones and his wife Emma, nine of their sons continued the business with each opening stores with the name A. Jones & Sons. The company flourished and its growth continued and joined Church & Co. Joining the Church & Co. group the company became known as ‘Jones Bootmaker since 1857’. Despite its continued growth Jones Bootmaker has maintained its quality products and its quality of service and has become an Iconic brand in the UK.

The quality of footwear they produce has not wavered and so has the excellent customer service that they continue to provide until today. They have over 80 branches spread out across the UK, with outlets in prominent stores and in high profile business units in London.

Their products include footwear for women, men and children and the footwear being sold ranges from all different kinds of footwear for all occasions. Not only does Jones Bootmaker sell shoes and footwear they also sell items that will help you take care of your shoes. These items include boot straps and laces, even cleaning items such as polish and wax. Aside from selling items to take care of your shoes they also sell items that will help with taking care of your feet because your tired soles need care also.

The growth of the company is in time with technology as well, they have launched their official website where visitors can also shop online and have the item shipped to your home address. You can also have the items you purchased delivered internationally.

Prices for delivery charges are conveniently located on the store’s website as well as a time of delivery to give you an idea how many days it will take for your item to arrive.

If you are worried about shoe sizing you have up to 28 days to return the item should it not fit you or for any other reason. There is a conversion chart available on the website that you can easily access and refer to with regards to shoe size.

If you are a shoe lover or just looking for a sturdy fashionable and quality pair of shoes, it would be worth your time to visit any of Jones Bootmakers’ stores or you can simply take a look at their website.


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